Transforming CO2 intoa rock-solid concrete

Concrete climate actions

Carbonaide provides award winning technology to utilize and store carbon dioxide in the precast concrete industry. Our mission is to turn concrete from a large emission source into a carbon sink.


This is Carbonaide

Our technology

Carbonaide offers the most effective and robust carbonization technology for pre-cast concrete manufacturers. We master both carbon curing and sustainable carbon dioxide value chains.

Our technology is fully compatible with Portland cement mixtures. With Carbonaide technology, the concrete manufacturer can reduce cement consumption in daily production and decrease the carbon footprint of the products further by mineralizing CO2 into concrete.

Our award-winning carbon curing technology also enables the production of carbon-negative concrete. In combination with low carbon footprint binders, mineralized CO2 turns concrete carbon footprint into negative. With Carbonaide technology, your precast plant may become a carbon sink.

Carbonaide technology originates from VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. We have strong support from the local pre-cast industry and the Finnish concrete sector. Carbonaide is not only a technology but an initiative to turn concrete from an emission source into a carbon sink.


We are done talking.
Time for concrete actions.


Rakennusbetoni expands product portfolio manufactured with Carbonaide’s precision curing technology

Finnish concrete product manufacturer Rakennusbetoni- ja Elementti Oy is expanding its product portfolio to pavements manufactured with Carbonaide’s precision curing technology!

The next commercially available product “Hulekivi” is manufactured in Hollola, Finland with 120 kg of CO₂ mineralized per cubic meter of concrete. This pavement product is an excellent example of Carbonaide’s decentralized carbon dioxide storage with market-leading CO₂ uptake levels in precast concrete mixtures.

On top of high mineralization levels, carbon curing increases product strength, improves microstructure, reduces water absorption, and eliminates calcium-based efflorescence by binding free lime into concrete. This extends the value of Carbonaide’s technology especially for colored pavement and garden products that must endure weathering and extreme conditions.

Products are sold by Rakennusbetoni and used for example in Keuda construction project in Uuden ajan rakentamisen festivaali held in Kerava 26.7.-7.8.2024.

Our joint product releases and technology are also presented at World Circular Economy Forum WCEF 2024 in Brussels, Belgium 15.-17.4 by our Chief Operating Officer Jonne Hirvonen. You can explore the first products in the Finnish expo area at WCEF and side-events organized by Uudenmaan liitto, Päijät-Hämeen liitto, Helsinki-Uusimaa Circular Valley, Nordic Circular Hotspot, Sitra and other organizers from the frontline of circular economy.