Niina Haapasalo joins Carbonaide as Chief Technology Officer

Carbonaide is getting ready for commercial deliveries of its carbon-curing technology with recruitment from the plastic manufacturing industry.

Niina Haapasalo is appointed as Chief Technology Officer of Carbonaide and takes the lead on commercialization of Carbonaide’s carbon-curing technology. Haapasalo will start in her new position at the beginning of January. She has previously worked as Factory Director at Nature Line Cutlery.

“This is a fascinating field of industry. It is a concrete way to recover carbon dioxide and actually make emission reductions. My responsibility at Carbonaide will be to make a commercial version of the carbon-curing module and start serial production of the technology,” says Haapasalo.

Carbonaide commercializes technology developed originally at the VTT Technology Research Center of Finland. With the help of this technology, concrete’s carbon footprint can be turned to negative, and manufacturers of concrete products can significantly save on their use of cement. During the fall, Carbonaide’s technology was successfully scaled to an industrial scale at Rakennusbetoni- ja Elementti Oy’s concrete product factory in Hollola, Finland.

“It is very rare that there is a technology that combines both the beneficial use of carbon dioxide and storage. Therefore, this is a winning combination. The role of the CTO is crucial in terms of our goal. Niina will take responsibility for our equipment development for commercial deliveries,” says the company’s CEO Tapio Vehmas.

About Carbonaide:

Carbonaide provides carbon dioxide utilization and storage technology for the precast concrete industry. Carbonaide’s carbon-curing technology enables significant savings on both cement use and embodied carbon of concrete.


Tapio Vehmas, CEO
tel. +358 40 591 1589

CTO Niina Haapasalo (left), CEO Tapio Vehmas and COO Jonne Hirvonen